Clothes & Fine Art for People Who Care About Earth, Animals, and Other People
Choose Love.
Inspire Change.
PFLAG believes that lives are transformed by unconditional love—and through that love, we can inspire meaningful change in the world. Clothes for Humans Who Love Other Humans (CFH) is our initiative to spread unconditional love and inspire this change in the world.

We believe that education leads to understanding, empathy, and compassion. When we create broad understanding and compassion? That’s where real change happens.

CFH was created to fuel PFLAG’s fundraising in support of equality. Every item in our gift shop is an opportunity to share that message, through empowering images, inspiring messages, and even some much-needed humor. Each purchase supports the work of PFLAG National, which has been leading with love and inspiring change for the LGBTQ+ community, their parents and families, and allies, for decades.

Choose Love. Feel Loved.

Inspire Change.

Help fuel PFLAG’s work to change hearts, minds, laws—and the world.

Choose Love, Fuel Change:


Submit a story or photo to inspire change and make the world a more loving, compassionate, and inclusive place.


Share this site—and a photo of your purchase—to proudly spread the values of CFH: Love, Charity, Compassion, and Belonging.

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Buy a tee, or two, or ten. Every purchase fuels the fight for equality and wearing your purchase shares our values to inspire and change the world.

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Choose Compassion, Inspire Change:


Directly support PFLAG National in their work to change hearts, minds, and laws.


Learn more about PFLAG National and our decades of work supporting parents and families, creating better allies, and saving LGBTQ+ lives.


The Equality Act is critical federal legislation in the U.S. Learn more and take action now to ensure full discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people, as well as for people of color, women, and people of minority faiths.